Screenings Washer Compactor

The Screenings Washer Monster® (SWM) produces ultra-clean discharge using a patented system to grind, wash, compact and dewater debris captured by a screen. This screenings washer compactor is a self-contained system that produces the cleanest and most compact end product of screenings discharge compared to any wash press in the industry. With reduced volumes up to 95%, the savings in time and money are greater since less dumpster pick-ups are needed.

Pre-Conditioned Screenings

The secret of the cleanest and driest screenings from this compactor is the Muffin Monster® grinder that pre-conditions the solids before entering the wash press. The grinder breaks open rags, plastics, and trash to promote washing and removal of soft organics. Liquefied organics return to the plant flow and allow the SWM to achieve cleaner screenings. Pre-conditioned screening also compacts much better reducing the volume of screenings that must be hauled away.

This Monster can easily handle the load when the rain starts falling. Unlike many washer press systems, the SWM screenings washer compactor can handle the first flush loading associated with storm flows. The Muffin Monster grinder will chew through larger slugs of debris allowing the same levels of washing, dewatering, and compacting.

Stop Headworks Odour Problems

It is not secret that the headworks can be one of the least desirable locations at a wastewater treatment plant.  The screenings can sit for days on end until the bin is full enough to be hauled away.  The SWM screenings washer monster attacks this problem head on. By grinding the screenings prior to wash, the odour-causing faecal material and other organics are more easily washed away.  This allows for longer storage times without stifling odours and also helps mitigate vector problems in the headworks area.


  • Achieve dry solids content up to 50%
  • Reduce screenings volume up to 95%
  • The discharge can be nearly free of fecal content
  • Cleaner and less odour at plant headworks
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Screen washer
Screen washer