The 10K Muffin Monster™ sewage grinder is designed to protect pumps and other equipment by grinding down the toughest wastewater solids.

Its dual-shafted, slow speed, high-torque design shreds tough solids that typically cause problems in the wastewater treatment process system. Its compact design fits into areas with limited space while providing the necessary power for downstream protection. The 10K Muffin Monster™ grinder is available in both in-channel and in-line configuration and is fitted with Wipe Ready™ technology as a standard.

10K Muffin Monster™ sewage grinder

Features & Benefits

Single Piece In-line Housing

  • Single housing for ease of installation in existing pipe work
  • Flanges drilled to PN16

Seal Assemblies

  • Hex driven cartridge assembly rated to 6 bar operating pressure

Twin Shaft Cutter Assembly

  • Low speed high torque grinding
  • Top and bottom bearings prevent shaft deflection and wear

Smart Controller

  • PLC based controller to sense overload and auto reverse to prevent blockage
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