The HST™ (A Sulzer Brand) turbo compressor is a modern and silent compressor and features magnetic bearing technology with a high-speed motor driven by a built-in frequency converter. HST turbo compressors are extensively used in wastewater treatment plants and in low-pressure industrial processes.

hst turbocompressor blower 1900x1267

Main Benefits

  • High efficiency, guaranteeing optimal life cycle costs
  • Low noise: no need for additional soundproofing
  • High reliability
  • Wear-free, requiring minimal maintenance
  • Simple design with integrated components
  • Accurate flow measurement
  • Vibration-free, ensuring less stress for pipe work
  • Pulsation-free air distribution allows finer air bubbles for more efficient aeration
  • Fully certified
  • Operates alongside all types of conventional blowers
  • Numerous possible installation arrangements
  • Operates in a variety of environments
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HST Turbo Compressors