Channel Monster are the best-in-class technology for wastewater solids reduction. The patented Channel Monster utilizes rotating drums to capture solids and directs them with the proven Muffin Monster dual shafted grinders. The result is a high flow capacity system that will shred rags, rocks, wood, and other trash into small pieces that can pass harmlessly through pumps, pipes, and process systems.

Pump Station Protection Channel Monsters are a perfect fit for pump stations where solids need to be ground up. They are proven to handle the toughest solids such as disposable wipe balls and first flush loading that can overwhelm even the best pump.

Channel Monsters are designed for installations in channels or for wall mounting in front of influent pipes. Channel Monsters are an excellent alternative to screening solids out in pump stations. This eliminates the need to handle screening in dispersed locations along with the associated odours, rodent problems and disposal challenges Headworks Solutions Channel Monsters can handle the high flows at the headworks and still grind down debris and rags before they enter the treatment facility.

Screen Protection & First Flush Loading Channel Monsters are also an excellent option to protect fine screens from damage by grinding heavy solids down to a size that will not damage the screens. These units can also handle first flush loading prior to headworks screens.

Channel Monster Sewer Grinder
Channel Monster Sewer Grinder

Features (Dual Shafted Grinder )

  • Extreme power that handles a wide variety of solids
  • Grinds debris smaller than single shafted machines
  • Cleaner and more efficient than pump station bar screens. High-flow Screening Drums
  • Patented design allows higher flow capacities
  • Captures solids and directs them into the grinder
  • Standard stainless steel 12.7 mm perforated drums or optional 12.7 mm coil drums

Automated Controller

  • Auto load sensing reduces interrupts and protects the Channel Monster
  • Adaptive to custom requirements and plant SCADA systems
  • Stores operational data. Benefits Equipment Protection
  • Protect pumps and other critical equipment from costly clogs and damage from tough solids. Efficient Treatment Operations
  • Grinding separates organic from inorganic materials in the waste stream
  • Organics stay in treatment process and screening are cleaner. Lower Operating Cost
  • Clear pipes and pumps mean shorter pump run cycles and lower electrical costs
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