Centex-designed flywheels are the simplest and most effective solution to counter the effects of water hammer. This is achieved by allowing the pump to gradually coast down thus minimizing large transient pressure surges. The flywheel provides a secondary benefit of gentle starts and stops drastically improving the life of the rotating assembly and auxiliary equipment.


  • Water hammer surge protection
  • Mechanical soft starter
  • Extended life of mechanical equipment
  • Runaway speed prevention
  • Torsional vibration fine tuning
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Modular design
  • Ease of retrofit
  • Water hammer surge protection as stand alone
  • Water hammer surge protection in conjunction with surge tanks
  • Turbine runaway speed protection
  • Dissimilar pump transition protection
  • DOT trailer
  • Drag skid
  • Structural steel base
  • Custom piping
  • Custom check valve setup
  • Multiple check valve setup
Ramp Down Curve Example