Sludge Monster

Product Information

Sludge Monster


The Sludge Monster is a compact grinder, tough on solids in sludge applications. It fits into areas with limited space requirements while still providing the necessary power for downstream protection. This simplified design makes it a best cost solution to your sludge pumping problems.

Sludge Monster has 100mm and 150mm flanges and a 200mm twin shaft cutter stack incorporating top and bottom mechanical seal assemblies to reliably grind any solids to protect downstream pumps, heat exchangers and other equipment.

The Sludge Monster uses a 1.5kW gear motor (25:1) and has a maximum flow of 17 l/s*. It also has a maximum of six flush ports available.

Features and Benefits


Single Piece Housing
• Single housing for ease of installation in existing pipework
• Flanges drilled to PN16
Conditioning of solids in a waste water stream (limited to 2-3% DS)
Seal Assemblies
• Hex driven cartridge assembly rated to 6 bar operating pressure
High rise buildings
Twin shaft cutter assembly
• Low speed high torque grinding
• Top and bottom seals eliminate shaft deflection and wear
Fish processing
• locally produced PLC based controller to sense overload and auto reverse
to prevent blockage.
Food waste disposal
Food processing
Digester protection
Centrifuge protection
Sludge grinding