Screenings Washer Monster

Product Information

Screenings Washer Monster


The Screenings Washer Monster® (SWM) produces ultra-clean discharge using a patented system to grind, wash, compact and dewater debris captured by a screen. The self contained, hopper fed system produces a cleaner, more compact end product.

The key to the SWM’s discharge is grinding. It breaks open rags, plastics and trash to expose more surface area for washing and removing soft organics. Liquefied organics return to the plant flow and allow the SWM to achieve dry solids content up to 50%.

Ground material compacts more tightly, allowing the system to reduce volume up to 95%. The result is savings in time and money since fewer dumpster pick-ups are needed.

The discharge is nearly free of fecal content eliminating odor and vector problems, safety issues, unsightly discharge, leaking dumpsters and hazardous waste fees from haulers and landfills.

The SWM’s hopper and discharge tube are customized to fit each site.

Features and Benefits


Dual Shafted Grinder

  • Macho Monster® maximize surface area for efficient washing and compacting
Conditioning of solids in a waste water stream
Triple Zone Spray Wash

  • Washing breaks-up soft organics for superior cleaning
  • Ensures clean, reliable operation and prevents material build-up
  • Produces noticeably cleaner discharge
Commercial and industrial kitchens
Smart Controller (patented)

  • Automatically adjusts cleaning cycles for maximum efficiency
  • Sensors protect the system and update control room on performance
  • Ethernet and SCADA capable
Fish processing
Screening Trough

  • 6mm perforated screen retains material and dewaters it. 2 to 3mm openings also available.
  • Two 100mm drain ports allow system to drain quickly
  • Multiple access ports for easy inspections
Dual Helix Auger

  • Rugged design produces more power to compact screenings
  • Dual helix ensures long service life
  • Exclusive brush attachment keeps screen clean and minimizes build-up
Food waste disposal
Roller Base (optional)

  • Mobile SWM can be used under multiple screens
  • Makes maintenance inspections and access easier
Food processing
Inlet works – conditioning of screenings