Muffin Monster

Product Information

Muffin Monster Model 30000


The patented Muffin Monster® design has established new standards in product performance and reliability due to decades of technical advancements and innovative design improvements. These rugged grinding machines shred most any material capable of disrupting your system.

With over 25,000 installations, the proven capabilities of the Muffin Monster is legendary in providing solutions for the ever more stringent operational needs arising throughout the industry.

The Muffin Monster has proven itself over the last four decades in the most demanding wastewater solids reduction applications including pump stations, sludge lines, receiving stations, fish processing facilities, prisons, jails and more.

Features and Benefits


Dual Shafted Grinder

  • Low-speed, high torque grinder handles rags, rocks, wood, clothing, plastics and other debris
  • More powerful and capable of grinding a wider variety of solids than single shafted machines and macerators
  • Energy efficient 3 kW motor or optional 4 kW
  • Multiple cutter options to fit each application
Conditioning of solids in a waste water stream
Compact and Efficient Design

  • Adapts to pipelines or channels with little or no modification
  • Custom stainless steel frames allow easy installation in channels, wet wells and pump stations
  • In-line Muffin Monster incorporate easy to remove cutter cartridge
Security at airports, precious minerals facilities
Cartridge Seal Assembly

  • High pressure capability up to 6 bar
  • Runs submerged or dry with no seal flush required
High rise buildings
High-Flow Side Rails (patented)

  • Increases flow capacity and decreases head loss
  • Deflects solids into the cutting chamber
Commercial and industrial kitchens
Automated Monitoring and Controls

  • Automatic load sensing and reversal reduces interrupts and optimizes performance
Hotels and resorts
Ease and Flexibility of Installation

  • Adapts to most existing in-line or channel applications with little or no modification to piping or channel
Shopping centers
 Correctional facilities
 Fish processing
 Food waste disposal
 Food processing
 Nursing Homes
 Inlet works – course screening
 Inlet works – conditioning of screenings
 Pump station protection
 Digester protection
 Centrifuge protection
 Sludge grinding
 Belt press protection
 Storm Water overflows