Mini Monster

Product Information

Mini Monster Model 20000


Problem solids are now easier than ever to reduce! Based on the same proven technology as our patented Muffin Monster®, the Mini Monster® is designed to serve small volume applications in pump stations, pre-treatment systems and treatment plants, as well as package treatment plant inlet systems.

The Mini Monster is equipped with a standard 1.5kW motor making it the perfect candidate for in-line sludge grinding, thus reducing troublesome solids and protecting pumps and process equipment from damage.

The system is easily serviced – the cutter cartridge and drive system can be removed as one assembly, leaving the housing in-line during repair.

Features and Benefits


Ease and Flexibility of Installation
Adapts to most existing in-line or channel applications with little or no modification to piping or power
Conditioning of solids in a waste water stream (limited to 2-3% DS)
Modular Design
The self-contained cutter cartridge removes easily, keeping repair time at a minimum
Fish processing
Cartridge Seal Assembly
High pressure capability – 6 bar with no seal flush required and no packing gland to adjust
Food waste disposal
Dual Shaft Grinder

  • Capable of grinding a wider variety of solids than single shafted machines
  • Low speed operation results in higher torque and less interrupts
  • Dual counter-rotating shafting directs grindables toward center of shafts
  • Handles a wider variety of solids compared to single shafted comminutors/grinders or macerators
Food processing
Cantilevered Design
Easy to service, cost effective and reduces number of wear parts
Pump station protection
Cutter Design Options
Various cutter combinations ensure optimum performance
Digester protection
Local PLC Monitoring and Controls
Auto load sensing and reversing reduces interrupts
Centrifuge protection
Sludge grinding