Auger Monster

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Auger Monster Inlet Works Screen

auger monster

The Auger Monster® is a robust and affordable wastewater screen which combines three of JWCI’s finest technologies – a grinder, a fine screen and a compactor. It removes trash and unwanted solids, so the treatment plant runs more efficiently and life is easier for operators and managers.

Auger Monster combines five systems into one compact footprint. First, a powerful Muffin Monster® or Channel Monster® grinder shreds clumps of rags and long stringy material. Next, solids are captured by a perforated plate screen and removed by a rotating auger. As solids are removed, dual wash water zones clean-off fecal material. The rotating auger then conveys solids to the discharge point where the integrated compactor (optional) squeezes out water before depositing the cleaned and dried material into a dumpster.

The cleaner, more compact discharge keeps odors to a minimum and lowers disposal costs, as less water and fecal material are sent to the landfill.

New! JWCI introduces the new Vertical Auger Monster designed to protect pump stations from ragging and clogging issues. The system incorporates a Muffin Monster grinder with a wall-mounted screening basket and spiral lifting screw

For prison or jail applications use the bigger Macho Monster grinder. It fits with 480mm wide auger and can easily handle bigger and tougher loads of trash and debris. This includes shredding bed sheets, blue jeans, jump suits and other large solids.

With the Auger Monster, wastewater screening couldn’t get any easier—it’s the only one that’s all-in-one!

Features and Benefits


Dual Shafted Grinder

  • Proven Muffin Monster grinding technology
  • Shreds long, stringy material to prevent wrapping
  • Breaks-up clumps for more efficient washing
Conditioning and removal of solids in a waste water stream
Spiral Lifting Screw

  • Solids are removed while soft organics are washed back into the channel through a perforated screen
  • Various screen sizes: 2, 3 or 6mm perforations
Hotels and resorts
Cleaner Screenings Discharge

  • Integrated spray wash launders screenings and removes fecal material for cleaner discharge and reduced odors
Correctional facilities
Modular Headworks System

  • Integrates high-flow grinding, screening, washing and dewatering technology
  • Placement in existing channel with little or no civil work
  • Easy installation in outdoor locations
Easy Access, Pivoted Auger

  • The auger is mounted to a fixed pivot point for easy servicing or removal
  • Operators can easily bring the screening trough, auger brush and auger conveyor to deck level for inspection
Automated PLC Monitoring and Controls

  • Auto load sensing and reversing protects the system
  • Adjustable, differential auger run times for optimal solids removal and operating life
  • Auger “fail-safe” mode ensures system continues running even if electronics are disabled
Nursing Homes
Pump station protection
Storm Water overflows