Hydro Turbine Pumps


Product Information

Cornell has been building Hydro Turbines for more than 50 years. Our Hydro Turbines can be found in Industrial, Municipal, and Agricultural power generation projects around the world. With our wide range of turbines you can generate power with heads as low as 30 feet and flows as low as 90 gallons per minute.

Standard Turbine Construction:

  • Cast Iron, Bronze fittings -optional, Ductile Iron, Steel, Bronze, Stainless Steel
  • Mechanical shaft seal is standard, packing is optional
  • Standard ODP generator-optional TEFC
  • Hydro blue, double applied paint
  • Reaction Runner or Pelton Runner turbines

Y Series

  • Wide Range of Flow and Head
  • 1.25″ through 10″ discharge size
  • Flows to 416 l/s and Heads to 122 m

Features and Benefits*


Replaceable wear rings  Power Generation
Double volute  Energy recovery
External balance line  Power source for other equipment
Fully machined impellers
Heavy-walled castings
Replaceable shaft sleeves
Flywheel configurations available
Various Mounting Configurations
Mechanical seal is standard, packing is optional
Special custom materials for runners available
Standard O.D.P. generator, optional T.E.F.C. or synchronous generator for stand-alone applications
High efficiency
Two-year warranty
Oversized bearings
Patented Cycloseal® design (#5489187)
Low cost of repair
Minimum 20,000 hours bearing life
Lower operating cost
*Features dependant on most models